Begyle Brewing

Free Bird American Pale Ale

It has hops but not overwhelming so works with pub foods or just when relaxing. — 5 days ago

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Field Recordings

Pèt Nat Dry Hop Chardonnay 2019

Pet Nat of Chardonnay, fermented Ancestral style and dry hopped on mosaic cones. Seems at first a kiddy gimmick but get yourself a couple oysters and some hot sauce and you’ll see this works - surprisingly well.Aromas of soapy resin and yeasty lemons. Flavors of a lemon shandy Pilsner. Only about 10% ABV, but the hops will tire you out a bit, so good for just a glass or two. — a month ago

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Fieldwork Brewing Co.

Cube Theorem

Another nice hazy IPA from Fieldwork, hints of citrus on the nose and palette with mix of Citra, Enigma, and Mr. Rudi hops. — a month ago

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Mad Fritz

The Bear and The Bees Honey Ale

Amazing beer 🍺 touch of honey but as perfectly to the hops and barrel. — 23 days ago

Ellie K
with Ellie
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Clown Shoes

Bubble Farm IPA

This is hazy, just as the label advertises, and just delightful. Would pair amazingly well with a curry of some sort. Bright and delicate, the hops are quite well-balanced. — 19 days ago

Resident Culture Brewing Co

Fire Walk With Me

citrus & tropical hard candy notes dominated by a dank resin bitter bite

Resident Culture Brewing Co ~ Fire Walk With Me ~ DIPA ~ brewed w oats & Galaxy Hops
— a month ago

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Three Notch'd Brewing Company

40 Mile IPA

Really nice - citrus & hops and refreshing w/o being sweet — 2 months ago

Woodbury Brewing Company

Skali Voss The Secret Hops Kveik IPA

CT beer trade in effect. The first of 3 from OC. Use of the kveik yeast went over my IPA- novice head but the beer was good! Doing the same thing was the fact that the NAME of the hops being used is called "Vic Secret". (Hence the name of the beer being VIC SECRET HOPS , not "The Secret Hops"). Apparently indigenous to Australia. Hazy IPA at 6% from Woodbury Brewing CT. Good stuff OC!!! — a month ago

Le Trou Du Diable

Les Quatres Surfeurs De L'Apocalypso

light, fruity, and very approachable for an IPA. the hops are friendly and mild - the belgian style that the brewers say they’re aiming for really comes through. a good one for a reluctant IPA drinker, and i enjoyed it too! — a month ago

Baja Brewing Company Collaboration with Cerveceria Cholula

Ay Ay IPA!

Another session IPA. A bit more hops here. — a month ago