Skin Contact

Old Westminster

Skin Contact Piquette White Blend

Stems, skins, leftover grape pulp, polyphenols. Gimme all that and more.

This stuff is perfect to be canned and sold to the masses for beach day gallops and picnic frolics.

Intense, supercharged, lychee on Fast & The Furious NOS. Ludacris and The Rock give their blessings on this whip of a drink. Okay, too much.

But this is such a great way to use the byproduct that would normally go to waste and it’s tasty and extremely drinkable.

(Favorite coffee shop in Orlando featured in the background)
— 9 days ago

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Scholium Project

The Prince In His Caves Farina Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Great wine. One bottle became two. Skin contact or slightly orange sauv blanc. Great. Savory and just a touch sweet. — 14 days ago

Ellen Christen
with Ellen
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Ben Christen

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Still thinking about it the next day!

Andrea Occhipinti

Alter Alea Vino Bianco Aleatico

Peachy blush color. Minerally. Fresh. Salt. Very brief skin contact. Warm Mediterranean Sea. Dusk. — 3 days ago

J. Brix

Sunrise Over Skin Kick On Ranch Vineyard Skin-Contact Riesling 2019

Fuller bodied and delicious, even if it doesn’t really taste like Riesling. Delicate apricot, pear and lemon cream with a pie crust. I’d call it Chenin Blanc blind, with little hesitation. Great texture, medium acid, chalky... really pretty wine. — 2 days ago

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Enderle & Moll

Weiss & Grau Burgunder Weißburgunder Grauburgunder 2018

Light skin contact. Tasty and accessible. Peach, orange creamsicle, witbier. Great pairing with squash and fennel risotto — 11 days ago

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Domaine Christian Binner

Hinterberg Alsace Lieu Dit Pinot Gris

From Alsace, this is a “natural wine”* (non-filtered, no sulfites) actually made from Pinot Gris, but with skin contact creating the rosato color. Really enjoyable, serve it chilled for sure. *Certified Non-Hipster (tm) — 4 hours ago

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Matic Wines

Pinot Gris 2019

Nice light crisp skin contact white. Cut through those late summer tomatoes like 🔪 — 5 days ago

Cantina Marco Merli

Zero di Babo Vino Bianco Trebbiano Blend 2017

“No sulfites”, 12.5% abv. Rose color due to skin contact. Non-hipster(tm!) natural wine. Alice Feiring wine club selection, excellent. — 2 days ago

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Eric Urbani

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@romo Certified Non-Hipster(tm)

Manuel Cantalapiedra

Lirondo Verdejo

Smooth, light skin contact. Excellent affordable wine. — 12 days ago

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Simon Bize & Fils

Akatcha Bourgogne Pinot Beurot

Outstanding white Pinot Beurot by Bize (!) skin contact gives it its color. This is the kind of “natural” wine that I like. I’ll skip the hipster wines, thank you. Alice Feiring club selection. — 2 days ago

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Russ W

Russ W

“Hipster wines” meaning natural wines that are flawed But people drink them anyway because it satisfies their ego?
Diane M. Napolitano

Diane M. Napolitano

Yes, what’s a “hipster wine”? I’d like to avoid them if I can 😄
Eric Urbani

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@Diane M. Napolitano And don’t get me started on ‘clean’ wines lol